The Chef Knives

kitchen knives

  1. Chef’s knife

Chef’s knives are one of the crucial and flexible to own. It is wide, has a dimension of six to fourteen inches, and has a piercing blade. It can be used to perform several tasks such as; meat and herbs carving, splitting nuts, cutting salad, and veggies. However, they are not good for; cutting bones, partitioning some slices, bread slicing, peeling, mincing, and dense meat shaping.

  1. Pairing knives

It has a thin, short, equally sized tip with a piercing blade. They are very light and are used for cutting into pieces, cleaving, and dicing vegetables and fruits. They can also trim, peel and remove seeds from fruits and veggies.

  1. knife set

There are several sets of kitchen knives ranging from two to nine sets. A 2-piece set mostly for beginners, contains a chef’s knife am garnishing knife. 3-piece set contains the two and a meat knife. A 9-piece set contains an overall set of knives, a proficient set of knives, a beginner’s knife set, a set of Japanese knives, a set of knives with shears, an in-drawer knife set, an eye-catching knife set, self-sharpening knife set. Always choose a suitable set for your kitchen.

  1. Slicing Knives

Slicing knives have slim, elongated blades (have between eight to fourteen inches of length) with either a pointed or round tip just like a carving knife. But they are fitted with a flexible blade compared to carving knives. Their purpose is to cut cooked veggies and fruits into thin slices.

They are perfect for salad and veggies preparation, meat slicing, and shaping. They are not good for; meat bone carving, peeling, and shredding.

  1. Vegetable Knives

Its length ranges from five to seven inches. Despite most kitchen knives such as a cook’s knife and a clipping knife can be used for chopping veggies, there is are specific knives such as the Japanese Nakiri Bocho which are meant for chopping veggies.

They are used for vegetable preparation, carving, severing, slicing, and cubing all kinds of vegetables. They are not good at bread shaping and meat cleaving.

  1. Grindstone

They are c of stone. It has a length of 7.09 inches, a width of 2.36 inches, 0.59 inches lengthwise and it weighs 340 grams. It is crafted with quality raw materials. ( Helps in sharpening knives, chisels, scissors, and choppers. It is durable, portable, small in size, and appropriate to use.

  1. Japanese knives

They are crafted using steel that is stainless. They are commonly called bocho. Nakiri bocho is mostly used to chop vegetables. It is wide, thin, and has squared tips. ( It has an elongated and leveled blade. Apart from cutting veggies, it can be also be used for cutting tomatoes, cucumber, and gourd.

There is also another type of Japanese knife referred to as santoku bocho. It has long, slightly tapered blades with a drop point. They are used for shredding, cutting, and cubing. They are most suitable for preparing sushi and other raw fish. Its long and broad blade can be used in scooping and transferring chopped food. They are multipurpose just like chef’s knives.

  1. Bread knives

This type of knife has long, equally sized blades with a sharp saw-toothed edge. They are used for sawing different kinds of bread and cake cutting.